Hi, I'm Pauline.

Jack of all trades, master of *some*

I wear a lot of hats but to summarise...

πŸ’» 🎨 I create.

I enjoy playing around with pixels on the internet to bring my ideas to life! I am self-taught in web-development through fun trial and error, which started from a hobby when I was 8 years old.

I’m awesome at front-end web-development (HTML/CSS/Responsive Design), working on Wordpress (PHP) and Python. I'm currently getting better at Javascript and have learnt R as part of a Bioinformatics module in my degree.



"You're Purple"
White Rose DTP
Green Impact 2017


Simplifying the Cerebral Cortex
Chromaffin Cell Biology 2017



I also like building emails

  • LoCity Conference: Created as part of my development internship with Diva Creative for one of their clients
  • Green Impact newsletter: Sent out monthly newsletters to help engage staff and students to make greener choices
  • Built Environment Careers: A careers event I organised for the Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Engineering

Being a believer in paying knowledge forward, I also dedicate my time to…

πŸ‘­ build and support, strong and empowering communities.

I’m involved in the organisation and delivery of coding community courses for female students (with little to no coding experience) with Code First Girls. The two classes include teaching the basics of web-development and Python.

For International Women's Day 2017, I showcased some incredible women. I asked them why women-focused communities are essential, why it's vital that women are recognised in STEM and encouraged them to share any stories!

I also take a leading role in the interdisciplinary group, MedTech, a society that aims to bring individuals from medicine, healthcare and tech together through things like events, workshops and hackathons! I'm part of the organising team for the next HackMed hackathon coming in Spring 2018.

I like bringing all these communities together. In February 2017, I collaborated with HackSheffield to take over 20 of the students from the CFG coding course to wider women in tech conference.

πŸ“Έ I capture and communicate.

13 years ago, I started writing on the web.

My blog has evolved over time, I mostly now write about reflections of my experiences for both my professional and personal development as well as daily adventures in life.

Examples of the topics I cover include monthly reflections, equality in STEM, self-care, and communicating science simply. A full list of topics can be found here.

Art by Teecaake to represent Pawlean online

I also write other science-focused blogs on Science Brainwaves and for the University of Sheffield Enterprise.

As a content-creator initially starting from old school blogging, I believe that it is important to have a positive and impactful social media presence which can be used as a platform for effective and engaging communications.

I have picked up knowledge, experience and skills on digital marketing including effective use of social media for growth, SEO and Google Analytics to identify trends and improve performance from dedicating time to work on my blog.

In 2017, Pawlean.com grew in the number of visitors from 2,360 (2016) to 7,940.

πŸ“š Oh yeah, and I’m a student on the side…

...studying an undergraduate degree in BSc Biomedical Sciences with Employment Experience at the University of Sheffield. I'm currently in my final year, due to graduate in July 2018.

My degree title is a bit longer than usual because I took a year out after my second year to do a not-so-typical-for-a-life-sciences-student placement in a Communications and External Engagement role.

I often encourage students to not let their degree restrict them to what they can do. For instance, here, here and here.

πŸ’Ό Work Experience



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πŸ† Recognition

🎀 Public Speaking

  • I'm new to speaking but I'm excited to practice and deliver more in the future! In 2017 I gave a few talks:
  • 1) "Building Communities" - Sheffield Ruby User Group
  • 2) "Above the Noise: Building an Online Voice" - scHAAR
  • 3) "Getting into the Tech community from a non-CompSci background" - GitHub Field Day

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Features


  • Unravelling Technology Podcast
  • Hey Girlfriend!
  • Cyber Women
  • Prep the Project
  • Student Hacker of the Week
    for GitHub Education newsletter

  • My placement year with Sheffield University
  • A week with TechDept
  • What is the impact of enterprise in your degree?

⚑️ Let's talk!

I'm always looking to expand my network and connect with like-minded people. Let's connect!

I graduate in Summer 2018.

I'm currently looking for graduate roles in digital/tech, technical and/or non-technical. I'm also available for contract work - I can help you develop your website, improve digital communications, and manage and grow your social media. I can also help out at your community events (if you need a speaker or volunteer!)

If you think we can work together or want to just have a chat over green tea,
you can get in touch with me at:

Email | @paulienuh | pnarvas

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